Project Description

Azha resort is located on the Ain Sokhna coastline, commutable to Cairo.  The project sits in a highly competitive development market and as such, needed to have a unique concept to deifferentiate it from others.  Working closely with the enthusiastic client team, we set out a goal to create a destination where every property felt like it was by the water.  The design utilised cutting edge crystal-lagoon technology to create a central focus for the site extending the waterfront offering by 20 fold.  The masterplan provided a series of unique community environments, each with their own hub and landscape.  To make the site more self-sufficient, a ‘downtown’ retail precinct and leisure club was included to make the site attractive to both first home buyers, as well as investors.  The project which is in its 5th phase of construction was awarded the best leisure & hospitality project in 2019 by cityscapes Egypt.

Key Facts

  • 200Ha, 500,000m2 GFA
  • 2,630 dwellings
  • Increased waterfront property opportunity by 20x
  • 10km of lagoon waterfront
  • Won Hospitality and Leisure project of the year Cityscape Egypt 2019